FOR BLACK BOYS Who Have Considered Suicide When The Hue Gets Too Heavy

“They were playing some old tunes that my dad plays and I know them so I was singing and dancing in my seat”

“The issues they [the characters] had were very real and it made me think, for e.g. when the boy’s dad did not tell him about his illness, when they had the fight in club and the boy got stabbed and lost his life, when he got stopped and searched by police and when they talked about the girls that they met.”

“The actors were very talented as they could sing, rap, dance and make everyone laugh.”

“It was sad when the boy was stabbed and made me think about some of the fights I get into”

BRC students were edutained (educated and entertained) by the fantastic cast of FOR BLACK BOYS Who Have Considered Suicide When The Hue Gets Too Heavy consisting of six Black men telling the story of their lives from boyhood to manhood. The quotes above, taken from the students’ reviews, show how the many issues tackled in the play are so relevant to our young people. There was joy and pain, positivity and negativity leading to a greater understanding of life from a Black boy/man’s perspective. There was something for everyone touching the hearts of all in the audience causing laughter, jeering, gasps and acknowledgements.

The school is also proud of our students for representing so well, especially our year 8 student who found the seats very uncomfortable but endured it until the end. In some scenes they were observed leaning forward as if they were a part of the performance, as they took in the dialogue. This play sparked some “real” open conversation on the journey home and is recommended for all to see.

This was another great experience for our students as many of them have never been to a theatre before so this was a new experience making it all the more great!

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