Exam Results

BRC Year 11 Headline Figures    2021/2022

5+ Grade 4 and above 28.6%
5 or more qualifications 93%
4 or more qualifications 100%
3 Grades 9-4 36%
3 Grades 9-3 72%
English grade 4 or better 21.4
English grade 3 or better 64.3%
Maths grade 4 or better 35.7%
Maths grade 3 or better 64.3%
Students leaving with one or more qualifications at L1 and above 100%
Level 1 BTEC qualifications
Level 2 BTEC qualification 93%
Total students with BTEC 93%
Students leaving with a City and Guilds L1 qualification 57%

100% of those on the courses


Number of Qualifications gained Including ICDL & Functional Skills

Number of students

Without ICDL & Functional Skills

Number of students

12 1
11 2
10 7
9 8
8 1 2
6 1 3
5 1 1
4 1
3 1


Year 11 Key Points 2022

  • Results are more or less in line with the previous year’s results, which were teacher assessed. Nationally results dipped from 2021.
  • We have improved in the percentage of Grade 3 and above
  • The best results are in GCSE English and mathematics.
  • Excellent results in Vocational courses
  • All students achieved their City and Guilds Construction Level 1 qualification
  • All students achieved their City and Guilds Hair and Beauty Level 1 qualification
  • 100% of students retained and completed at least four qualification

Fischer Family Trust (F.F.T.) Analysis

  • FFT analysis shows positive value-added across most areas. Grade 5 in both English and Maths is +8% but Grade 4 in both GCSE English and mathematics is -1%
  • Mathematics has the best results with +0.7 – this is particularly pleasing as students started from a very low baseline.
  • Males achieved better than girls and this is reflected in better attendance by males.
  • All types of ability of students have positive value-added. Higher ability students achieved the highest value added, followed by lower ability students and then middle ability.  This is also reflected in attendance patterns
  • Students eligible for Free School Meals achieved higher value-added than Non-Free School Meals
  • Both categories of SEND students have positive value-added
  • All ethnic groups have positive value-added with the exception of one (with one student in it). Our largest group of Black or Black British have +0.5 of a grade higher than predicted by F.F.T for GCSE English and +1.0 grade higher for GCSE mathematics.
  • EAL students had positive value-added with +0.8 and Non-EAL students had +0.7


Brent River College provides education for up to 36 students, aged 14 to 16, in our KS4 provision.  All our students have been permanently excluded from mainstream school.

Our students’ education has been disrupted and they more often start with us part way through KS4.  We enter all students for examinations and all students complete the Key Stage.

Our focus is to ensure that students achieve qualifications to enable them to progress to Further Education.

Year 11 Results Summer 2019 %
5+  Grades 9-4 13.3%
5 Grades 66.7%
3 Grades 9-4 20%
3 Grades 9-4 40%
English grade 4 or better 13.3%
English grade 3 or better 80%
Maths grade 4 or better 40%
Maths grade 3 or better 60%
Number of students leaving with one qualification at L1 100%
Students progressing to Education and Training 100%

We are pleased to report that:

  • Our results compare favourably with those of other PRUs.
  • 100% of our students were retained and have completed at least one qualification
  • 60% of our students gained 7 or more qualifications
  • All the students on our new C&G courses attained their qualification
  • Attainment at grade 3 and above has improved
  • Many students also attained ICDL, Functional Skills and PiXl Edge  qualifications

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