Remote Learning

This information is intended to provide clarity to pupils and parents/careers about what to expect from remote learning.

As far as possible, students would attend school.  Our remote learning offer is delivered through Google Classrooms and is updated weekly.  The provision will follow the same lessons as students would be doing in school.

However, we may have to make some adaptions in some subjects. For example, Science, Art and Design, the BTEC and Vocational courses due to the practical elements of these courses.

If working remotely, students are expected to follow the normal school timetable as closely as possible.  Heads of Centre will co-ordinate their provision.

Where internet access is not available, students will be provided with printed material on a weekly basis.

There are two documents below that set out the school’s remote learning approach through Google Classrooms.

One gives information about Google Classrooms and the other is a Step by Step Guide to how to use it.

You may be set work on Oak Academy. A link is below – 

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