2023 British Basketball Play Off Finals

On Saturday 14th May, students from Year 10 took advantage of another opportunity to see live sports. This time, it was at the massive O2 Arena in North Greenwich, home to many concerts and big sporting events. They saw the 2023 British Basketball Play Off Finals; two top teams from the elite men’s and women’s British Basketball League battling it out for the final piece of silverware on offer during the 2022-23 BBL & WBBL seasons, in what is one of the most prestigious and special trophies on offer in the sport.

The matches were exciting and there was a lot of entertainment around, from competitions outside, to cheerleaders, the upbeat music and they also had a KissCam which is when the camera films the audience, zones in on two people and displays them on the big screen with a virtual heart around them, enticing the audience to shout, “Kiss Kiss Kiss”. Needless to say, our students had their heads down.

London Lions were crowned the winners and had a ceremony with magical sparkling green glitter falling from above.


“It was far but easy to get to because we just took the one train all the way from Wembley Park to North Greenwich”

“I’ve heard about this place but never been here, it is massive. It’s got shops, cinema and all the food places”

“The matches were good, the players are very talented”

“I saw people climbing over the building, so I think we should organise a trip to do that.”

“The KissCam was funny”

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