Theatre Trip – FROZEN

On the afternoon of Thursday 11th May, BRC students from both KS3 and KS4 were treated to a magical experience in the heart of theatre-land; Covent Garden, to see the theatre production of the much loved cartoon, FROZEN.

The outing started a bit on the dull side due to the rain spoiling our trip as we navigated through the bustling tourists from the tube station to the theatre but once we arrived, we were impressed by how grand the theatre was with expensive couches, chandeliers, paintings and red carpet everywhere. There were little princesses all around as the theatre goers consisted of toddlers dressed up as their heroes making it even more of an experience.

The songs were brilliant and our students joined in the singing. They were jumping at the dramatic sound effects, in particular when Elsa accidently used her magic and large sharp icicles smashed through the castle walls. The performances engaged the students and they were hooked to the stage being taken through mixed emotions and audience interaction.

Although some wouldn’t admit it, maybe trying to play it cool, it could be seen that they all loved every bit of the experience. 

Here are some quotes…

“I love having the afternoon off school to go on a trip”

“We need to return to the West End as there is a lot to see”

“The effects were really good and we jumped a few times”

“It was just like the cartoon which was a surprise because this was real people on stage”

“I wasn’t singing but the others were”

“I bought an expensive blue drink and it was the best drink ever!”

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