Theatre Trip – FROZEN

On the afternoon of Thursday 11th May, BRC students from both KS3 and KS4 were treated to a magical experience in the heart of theatre-land; Covent Garden, to see the theatre production of the much loved cartoon, FROZEN.

The outing started a bit on the dull side due to the rain spoiling our trip as we navigated through the bustling tourists from the tube station to the theatre but once we arrived, we were impressed by how grand the theatre was with expensive couches, chandeliers, paintings and red carpet everywhere. There were little princesses all around as the theatre goers consisted of toddlers dressed up as their heroes making it even more of an experience.

The songs were brilliant and our students joined in the singing. They were jumping at the dramatic sound effects, in particular when Elsa accidently used her magic and large sharp icicles smashed through the castle walls. The performances engaged the students and they were hooked to the stage being taken through mixed emotions and audience interaction.

Although some wouldn’t admit it, maybe trying to play it cool, it could be seen that they all loved every bit of the experience. 

Here are some quotes…

“I love having the afternoon off school to go on a trip”

“We need to return to the West End as there is a lot to see”

“The effects were really good and we jumped a few times”

“It was just like the cartoon which was a surprise because this was real people on stage”

“I wasn’t singing but the others were”

“I bought an expensive blue drink and it was the best drink ever!”

London Lions Basketball

Brent River College watch the London Lions play live at the Olympic Park in Stratford. KS4 students enjoyed a basketball game as part of the BRC pledge. The extra-curricular activity allowed students to engage in a sporting activity. This was an enjoyable day for all!!!! The London Lions reigned victoriously with a thrilling score of 89/69.

The Lion King – End of Autumn Term Trip

On the 5th of December 2018, the primary pupils had the opportunity to visit the Lyceum Theatre to watch Disney’s The Lion King. This was a fantastic experience for all pupils involved as for some, this was the first time for them to visit a theatre and watch a live performance.

Prior to our visit, we researched how the musical was made and the pupils took particular interest seeing how the costumes were designed and brought to life. Of course, this made everyone, staff and students very excited to see the main performance.

On the day we researched into African animals pupils also researched our journey there and back again. We also watched the film so that on our return to school we could have a discussion on how the live musical and the film were different or similar.

When we arrived at the Theatre the size of the place took everyone by surprise! It was huge! We were sat in the Grand Circle and in all honesty, we felt as if we were on top of the world! We were looking down slightly at the stage but everyone could see everything!

At 2:30pm, the theatre went dark and all of a sudden, the drums started playing and the familiar first note of ‘The Circle of Life’ rung out across the theatre. The lights came up and the faces of our pupils were priceless. From the very first song through to the end no-one could take their eyes off the stage. We enjoyed all the famous songs and the singing was outstanding. By the time it came to the last song none of us wanted it to finish.

We had an amazing time and an unforgettable experience and a musical I am sure we would all enjoy over and over again. Hakuna Matata!

Cambridge Trip

Logo     September 2016

We were very pleased to be invited to take part in a whole day of dialogue organised by the Inspire Dialogue Foundation, at Cambridge University.  Lord Rowan Williams. Master, Magdelene College, University of Cambridge is chair of the organisation and hosted the 2016 Event.

The Inspire Dialogue Foundation hosted its annual event to explore how we identify with people like ourselves and make strangers of others.  The title was  Understanding Strangers and asked the questions: What stops dialogue and defeats empathy? What makes us strangers to each other?

Our students had a glimpse of University Life at Cambridge and talked to a very wide range of people, who were very interested in their views.  We were made to feel very welcome.

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