About Us

The Primary Unit at Brent River College is an alternative provision for primary aged pupils who are permanently excluded from mainstream schools. We cater for pupils from all Primary ages.

As of September 2019, primary places are offered to pupils in need of a respite placement. The respite placement is a 12-week placement for a pupil at risk of a permanent exclusion from a mainstream school. The 12-week placement is monitored and regular meeting are held between BRC and the mainstream school as well as parents/guardians in order to assess progress. The main objective of the 12-week placement is to work on addressing pupils’ behaviour and assessing their social and emotional needs. If sufficient progress is made, then a transition programme is created for each individual child in order to re-integrate back in the mainstream provision.

Pupils are taught literacy and numeracy as well as various topic based subjects such as Art, Music, P.E, Geography, History and Science. We also have various interventions for individuals’ specific needs. We offer social skills. Emotional Literacy Support, Mentoring and Pogo Pulse Intervention.

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