Behaviour Principles and Code of Conducts

Brent River College Written Statement of Behaviour Principles

The Education and Inspections Act 2006 requires Governors to make, and from time to time review, a written statement of general principles to guide the Headteacher and staff in determining measures to promote good behaviour. This statement has been adopted by Brent River College. Young people, parents and carers are made aware of these principles during their induction following a referral to the College.

At Brent River College we value everyone as an individual, capable of growth, change and development despite previous behaviours associated with their circumstances and needs. Our motto: “iDeam, iBelieve, iAcheive” and our commitment to our core values of Belief, Respect, Integrity, Vision, Excellence, Responsibility and Courage. guarantee that we work unstintingly with young people to help them achieve their absolute best in terms of academic outcomes. Additionally, staff work closely with young people to encourage and support them to take more responsibility for their behaviour so that they can move successfully onto appropriate provision. Unacceptable behaviour is always challenged in an appropriate and systematic way.

Our relationships are underpinned by the principles of, equality, mutual respect, fairness and consistency. We have high expectations that support the development of young people as effective and responsible citizens.

The purpose of the behaviour policy is to encourage the best possible behaviour from all of our young people and we endeavour to work alongside students and parents/carers to plan individual approaches to maintain positive conduct.

Our priority is to encourage good behaviour by:

  • Creating a climate in which the management of behaviour is: “Firm, Fair, Flexible and Forgiving”.
  • Ensuring that every student understands they have the right to feel safe, valued and respected, and learn free from the disruption of others
  • Recognising that low self-esteem is very often the root cause of many of the challenging behaviours that we see at the College – although also recognising that young people with low self-esteem can behave in quite different ways.
  • Providing a relevant and appropriate curriculum which is tailored to meet the individual needs and preferred learning styles of the pupil to promote independent learning.
  • Teaching pupils the skills required to moderate and temper inappropriate behaviours.
  • Helping pupils to take responsibility for their own actions and develop a level of accountability and to promote independent behaviour management.
  • Encouraging young people at the College to support each other re self-regulation of behaviour and as such providing opportunities for independent leadership.
  • Dealing with unacceptable behaviour promptly and fairly with minimum fuss and in a consistent and logical manner
  • Working closely with families / carers and their child to develop healthier communication strategies which foster improved relationships.
  • Promoting a consistent approach to rewards and sanctions from all staff
  • Ensuring that all staff are appropriately trained to manage the complex needs of young people with significant and complex SEMH difficulties.
  • Staff and volunteers setting an excellent example to pupils at all times

The management committee also emphasises that violence or threatening behaviour will not be tolerated in any circumstances.

This written statement of behaviour principles is reviewed and approved by the Full Management Committee every 2 years.

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