Brent River College Students make a splash!

The students of Brent River College recently participated in water sports activities at the Welsh Harp Reservoir in partnership with the Phoenix Canoe Club. Students had an opportunity to attend and take part in a range of water related activities, including kayaking, sailing, stand up paddle boarding and canoeing.

Students within their groups gained experience and hands on skills such as team work, group bonding, technical skills, leadership skill, physical fitness, communication skills and best of all loads of fun and laughter in the water getting wet.

Overall, all students enjoyed the option and all students had big smiles in their faces at the end of each session with the desire to take part in more water sport activities.

Pupils’ comments on the day were:

‘It was really fun, I learnt new skills and if I had the chance I will do it again!’  and

“I enjoyed the experience, and will do it again!’

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