Brexit Debate

In February 2019, the KS3 school hosted a Brexit debate, which was the result of several weeks of planning and preparation with our motivational speakers; the Mohammed Brothers and their guest, Kirsty Jones. Staff worked very closely with the students to get them ready for the BIG debate, developing their research and planning skills as well as their ability to work as a team.

The motion was: This House would call a second Brexit referendum. 

On the day, the students had a practice run and a ‘pep’ talk to get them motivated and ready. Kirsty and staff practised with them and students were fully engaged in the process.

Students were divided into two teams and in addition to one student from each team presenting their arguments, two students from each team asked questions and challenged both sides on the debate. This worked extremely well and helped create a real debate atmosphere. Intelligent questions and well thought answers flew across the room and staff members listened in amazement at the quality of questions and answers. Both teams listened carefully to each other, respecting each other’s points of views whilst expertly challenging them.

Selected staff were the judges and students were nervous waiting for their decision

It was an amazing experience for all, but especially for the students who grew in confidence and brimmed with delight at what they had achieved through this experience.

Belief...          Respect...          Integrity...          Vision...          Excellence...          Responsibility...           Courage...