Pogo Pulse

Pogo Pulse is an activity that we have in-cooperated into our timetables for the Primary children since September 2018.

Pogo Pulse is a mental and physical challenge and it has had a great impact on our students. We teach our students the importance of eating the right foods and being healthy in what we eat and drink as well as involving exercise. Therefore, as well as our P.E lessons Pogo is a great addition for our pupils to be keeping fit whilst having fun and without realising it!

As mentioned, Pogo is a great physical as well as mental challenge. It teaches our pupils resilience, determination and perseverance. Pogo is not easy and the pupils have had to learn this. They have had to be patient and take the ups with the downs. From the first session where they have become accustomed to the helmets and even just holding on to a Pogo – The pupils have had to learn that you can’t just jump on a Pogo and start bouncing! The first session saw a lot of falling off, a lot of huffs and certainly a lot of frustration but progress could be seen by the end of that session. From not being able to stand upright on the Pogo to managing between 1 and 5 jumps was a real success. They were taught how to use their body to manipulate the Pogo and since then they have learned a variety of different skills.

One of Pogo’s most successful qualities is that it has engaged the most difficult of students.  Pupils who, even though they have the ability to do well, don’t necessarily want to engage in the academic side. Pogo has brought out a side where the feel that they are achieving and are progressing in something which in all honesty, is very difficult. These students have managed to go for only a few seconds on a Pogo to being able to jump consistently for a couple of minutes and completing over 100 jumps. Pogo Pulse has become an intervention which has developed our pupils’ self-confidence, motivation and self-esteem.

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