KS4 West End Theatre

‘During the play it was very interesting because you got to engage with the actors and it was also very interesting because the performance allows you to develop new skills and learn new things and actually visualise what life was like in America in the 1930s.

I loved the performance and would definitely go again 8/10.’

‘The journey to the theatre was very relaxed and calm. We all respected each other and the people around us. We were told to find the directions by looking on the Tube map so that we would learn how to travel by Tube.

When we got there, we were all quiet and listened to all instructions given. Watching it was very interesting as they all [performers] played their part very well although it was very agitating hearing white people saying the “n” word.

We discussed this afterwards about how that’s what it was like in America at that time. It started quite slow in the first half but after the break, it got very interesting and I really wanted to see what would happen. Overall I was happy that we had the chance to go and would definitely like to go again’.

‘inside of the theatre was very lavish and posh and well decorated…’

‘The theatre was a real fancy building, I liked it. At break time we got to walk around different parts of it and went right to the top where there was a sparkling chandelier which we took photos by. We had some good seats as we were next to the front and could see the people faces clearly and everything that was happening’.

My favourite part was the set as they kept moving it while the play was going on. We didn’t like the language but understood that it was set in a part of America where it was really racist.

I would recommend the play to other people.’

On 14th September 2022 BRC youth engagement staff took four KS4 students along to a theatre in the West End of London to see a play called To Kill a Mockingbird. This was probably the most widely read book dealing with race in America. It explores morality, racial prejudice, racial injustice, relationships as well as gender.

The matinee performance was at the Gielgud Theatre and students had an opportunity to explore the building and its wondrous décor topped off with an eye-catching chandelier. The students were fully engaged in the play and enjoyed the experience.

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