Rugby League World Cup Visit

On 12th November 2022 our students enjoyed a thrilling rugby match between England and Samoa in the Rugby League World Cup. The match took place at the Emirates stadium in Highbury, the home of Arsenal football club. Both students and staff had never been to a live rugby match let alone a World Cup game so it was exciting all around.

It was a slow first half until the first try was scored, then things began to heat up. At half time, despite attacking well, England was losing. BUT the second half served up some great entertainment with attacks at both end resulting in a draw at 26 All that pushed the match into extra time. By this time the students were on their feet shouting for England at the top of their voices. Unfortunately Samoa won. This match gave the students a sense of community cohesion and engagement, raising their spirits. ​

“This is the first time that I have supported England”

“I’ve never even watched rugby on TV so this was different and I really liked it”

“Why don’t we go to matches more often”

                                                                    Some comments from the attending students

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