Living the Dream, the UK Black Female Photographers exhibition

On Thursday 11th May KS4 girls were treated to a double experience. After the theatre (Frozen) they ventured out in Covent Garden to find Living the Dream, the UK Black Female Photographers exhibition that proudly presents a group exhibition of a vibrant and diverse community of amateur and professional photographers of all levels.

This took place at FUJIFILM House of Photography an experiential store in the heart of Covent Garden by Fujifilm. It is a store center based around all things photo related that celebrates every element of picture taking, picture making and sharing photos

With Living the Dream, 51 image makers pay tribute to inspirational women, and supportive men, from past and present and aspire to stimulate next generations.

We were lucky to have caught this exhibition in its last few days. The girls were visibly inspired by being in a creative, professional, technology-induced environment dedicated just for them, by people that look like them and with subjects relevant to them.

They viewed pieces by:

Aicha Thomas, a freelance film photographer, based in London, striving to increase the representation of Black people through her art.

Amaani Oluwa – her project is a photo series presenting that there is nowhere else you need to be, you are who you are regardless and right where you belong

Angella Mofondo a London based family photographer with a project called She Can, capturing natural, relaxed moments of family life from Maternity to new-born to at-home-documentary sessions as well as quality family time.

April Alexander with her portrait that illustrates three states of being; Surrender, Resistance and Freedom – an artistic depiction of the constant fight for self-ownership of womanhood.

And many more.

The girls really appreciated this additional outing detour.

“We didn’t know what we were being taken to and then we were here with all these vibrant photos all around us”

“I read alot of the stories and was inspired because myself and people I know share the same experiences”

“I saw a Fuji Polaroid camera and remembered that I have one of my own. I am going to use it this weekend”​

Belief...          Respect...          Integrity...          Vision...          Excellence...          Responsibility...           Courage...