BRC goes to Lion King

What a great start to the year! BRC goes to Lion King!

KS3 and KS4 students were treated to a late evening of magical theatre fun at the West End’s Lion King production at the 200 year old Lyceum Theatre.

Just from the opening scene, everyone was amazed by the sounds and the colours. We all know the Lion King story and we were not disappointed in how the actors portrayed it on stage. They were spot on; they danced, sang, joked and thoroughly entertained us. We had great seats and some students were brave enough to ask for binoculars so they could see the actors and the set in detail. They were provided with many pairs that each of them had the chance to benefit!

Despite the torrential downpour on their journey, this outing was a success on all fronts, as the students also experienced the vibrant Covent Garden at night, interacted with the public and navigated their way back home safely. Everyday since, the students have been asking when another trip will take place. Thumbs up to engagement!

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