KS3 Mastermind!!

We hosted an exciting event on Friday 19 May 2017 when the Mohammed brothers who run motivational sessions with our students, organised a quiz morning. It was a dynamic, thrilling and nail biting!!!
The Mohammed brothers visit weekly and run sessions which address our school values: respect, responsibility, courage, belief, integrity, excellence and vision. Students thoroughly enjoy these sessions.
Students were put into teams and the competition was fierce; there were no second chances!!! Questions covered topics covered in the different subjects studied. Teachers submitted questions and students worked hard to recall information and worked positively with one another to gain points. Working collaboratively has been a focus area for development this year and it was therefore great to see students listening to each other in their teams.

Students were also tested on topics covered in their sessions with the Mohammed brothers this academic year: the 13 steps to success, finding the leader within, looking at the programme developed by the US Marine Corps which is used to train their own leaders and famous high achievers: Wilma Rudolph who overcame overwhelming odds to pursue her goals, Cory, a young boy who started his own business and Ben Carson, branded a failure at school, a target of bullying, became a leading surgeon in his field of expertise.
Great fun was had by all and we look forward to the next Mastermind Quiz.

Belief...          Respect...          Integrity...          Vision...          Excellence...          Responsibility...           Courage...